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Client Testimonials

I have been seeing Jacqui regularly for the last two years for reflexology. Following a session with Jacqui, I feel noticeably calmer, refreshed and experience less anxiety. I always look forward to my sessions with Jacqui and seeing her has become part of my own health and wellness journey. She is full of knowledge, interesting to listen to and a genuinely kind and caring person.

Heather Nyberg

I've been seeing Jacqui weekly for Foot Reflexology for a few months now. She does such an amazing job, I just can't stop going. I highly recommend her to anyone who loves reflexology!

Last week I tried Jacqui's Ayruvedic Head Massage for the first time. I was nervous in the beginning, as I am someone who suffers from neck and shoulder pain (from TMJ and from having a desk job). However, by the end of the session I was so relaxed that I had started to doze off (a first for me with any massage). The techniques were definitely different from any massage I've had in the past. Yet, I felt comfortable knowing that at any point if there was something I didn't like, that Jacqui would change to something else. Since then my neck and shoulders have been more relaxed.

I appreciate all she does to improve my quality of life!

Charlene Matt

I believe that some people are born to be healers and Jacqui is definitely one of them! She is unbelievably talented. I booked six appointments with her, but almost instantly a creativity in me was unblocked which helped me so much in my work as an artist. My appointments with her have been so valuable to me and I would highly recommend her.

Karinda Ristic

A huge thank you to Jacqui for introducing me to the Indian Head Massage! For those of you who have not yet tried it, you are in for a real treat! Jacqui is so warm and kind, and I found the pressure to be just right. The massage has a very unique mix of tempo, sometimes quite gentle and slow, and some times very vigorous. At the end, I felt very relaxed, but unlike other massages that I come out of very groggy, this time I felt quite alert and energetic. I actually went to the gym that evening (even with the "spa hair" aka, messy and oily). Oh and bonus, my hair is lovely and soft today. So thank you Jacqui for this amazing treat, I will definitely be back to see you again soon!


Jacqui is very professional, kind and caring. Jacqui is extremely knowledgeable about reflexology and was able to treat issues in my body with reflexology before I even told her it was an issue. I highly recommend Jacqui to everyone.

Laura Jean Thomas

My Ayurvedic Head Massge was absolutely divine, thank you so much! I was gone in 3 was so deeply relaxing...what an incredible journey!


As someone with ADHD, my mind is like the proverbial browser with 20 tabs open and music playing somewhere in the background. The first time I have Access Bars with Jacqui, I was surprised at how quiet my mind got. It was very peaceful and the calm feeling lasted right through to bedtime when I was able to go to sleep easily and stay asleep through the night.


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