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Service Fees

50 minutes / $77 incl. GST

Reiki - in person / remote
Access Bars 
Ayurvedic Head Massage

100 min combo / $154 incl. GST

Reflexology + Reiki 
Reflexology + Access Bars 
AHM + Reflexology 
AHM + Reiki

6 session package / $432 incl. GST

Can be used for any of the following 50 minute sessions:
Clinical Reflexology
Reiki - in person or remote
Access Bars
Ayurvedic Head Massage

Gift Certificates for all occasions

For all healing modalities:
50 minute sessions 

100 minute sessions 
6 session packages

Comp. 15 minute discovery call

Contact Jacqui via the submission form on the contacts page to book in a consultation if you have questions or need guidance in making a choice concerning an appropriate modality for your needs.


Please cancel or reschedule all appointments that you are unable to make at least 24 hours before the beginning of your appointment. This gives other clients time to book in with me (& helps me organize my time & keep my business running).

Both late cancellations (less than 24hrs prior) & no show appointments may now have fees charged. 


Thank you so much for your understanding & continued love & support.

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